NA LCS Week 6 Power Ranking

Just a quick ranking this week. Here is last week’s rankings.

Header explanation:

Ranking. (change since last week) Team Name, Score (Week Score)

EF1. (0) Echo Fox, 10-2 (1-1)

L vs TSM

W vs Team Liquid

Echo Fox continues to look like the strongest team in the league, despite their loss to TSM. I put most on that loss on the very incoherent team comp they put together. They lacked consistent engage, and focused a bit too much on the individual lane picks. Their win against Team Liquid was perhaps the most dominant game of the split so far. Huni looks as good as always.


C92. (0) Cloud 9, 9-3 (1-1)

L vs 100 Thieves

W vs Clutch

A surprise loss for Cloud9 against 100 Thieves. They did not seem to be able to handle Aphromoo’s Thresh. Licorice was able to snowball the game against Clutch, and they looked in full control after he got his lead.


TSM3. (+2) TeamSoloMid, 6-6 (2-0)

W vs Echo Fox

W vs OpTic

TSM impressed me a lot in their drafts this week. They played well against Echo Fox, but a lot has to be attributed to the draft. Their game against OpTic showed a clear difference in individual skill. The sidelanes played very well early, and all five did well in late game.


TL4. (-1) Team Liquid, 7-5 (1-1)

W vs FlyQuest

L vs Echo Fox

Two wins in their last six is not good for Team Liquid. Their win vs FlyQuest was far from clean, as it was very back and forth for a long time. They do know how to close out a game quickly though. The game against Echo Fox wasn’t close at all, they got absolutely smashed, and it shows that TL still have a long way to go if they want to challenge for winning the spring split.


100T5. (+1) 100 Thieves, 7-5 (2-0)

W vs Cloud9

W vs FlyQuest

The weekend of Aphromoo. He put up a show in both games, playing Thresh and Blitzcrank. 100 Thieves is now suddenly on a three game winning streak, with Aphroo playing only playmakers. Cody Sun does very well to capitalize on Aphro’s plays, and looks like one of the strongest ADC’s in the league right now. Going to be interesting to see how the rest of the map holds up in the remaining weeks.


CG6. (-2) Clutch Gaming, 7-5 (1-1)

W vs CLG

L vs Cloud9

This team has som clear strengths and weaknesses. Lira struggles a lot to find his place in this team, and is at fault for a lot of their losses. Febiven looks like he can be one of the best mids in NA. And their botlane is definitively top half. The game vs CLG was quite good until they threw a bit in the mid game. The game against Cloud9 vas snowballed out of control in toplane, and was hard to read after that.


FQ7. (-1) FlyQuest, 4-8 (0-2)

L vs Team Liquid

L vs 100 Thieves

A 0-2 week for FlyQuest put them a couple of wins away from play-offs. They didn’t look like a play-off caliber team this week. They can’t really seem to take control of a game at the moment. I said I considered to get off the FlyQuest hype-train last week, and I am definitively off now. Can still make play-offs without much difficulty if they make a late season run.


OpT8. (0) OpTic Gaming, 4-8 (1-1)

W vs Golden Guardians

L vs TSM

OpTic decided to field Academy toplaner Dhokla this week, as Zig hadn’t performed as they had hoped. He didn’t look amazing, but was able to hold his own okay. Akaadian is the player that impressed me this weekend. He was able top stop Golden Guardians’ game-plan by constantly counter-ganking toplane. Still has a possibility of reaching play-offs if they surge towards the end of the split.


GGS9. (+1) Golden Guardians, 3-9 (1-1)

L vs OpTic Gaming

W vs CLG

Golden Guardians have been improving steadily throughout the split, and I can now say pretty confidently that they are not the worst team in the league anymore. Lourlo have been their best player by far, and the team has started to play around him. It hurt their hopes of play-offs a lot when they lost both games against OpTic, but it is not 100% impossible yet. Their game against CLG showed that they have the potential to dominate a game.


CLG10. (-1) Counter Logic Gaming, 3-9 (0-2)

L vs Clutch

L vs Golden Guardians

Both games felt like the same story. They lost lanes consistently, but were able to capitalize on mistakes made by the opposing teams to get it a bit closer. Still lost both games, and they looked like the worse team in both. I have seen a lot of hate towards Zikz this last week, but I feel a lot more have to be put on the players, as they lose lanes when they shouldn’t, and lack good team fighting.

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